Esports Pioneer, Consultant & Equity Partner
For Over 12 Years

After launching my own tech repair company in 1999, in 2012 I successfully pivoted to opening my first gaming center, in order to build a passionate community, address at-risk youth, and serve casual and serious players of all ages. As the first-to-market, purpose-built facility in the region, we became known as the “Mecca of Gaming”, serving over 25,000 people.

Watch this informative Interview with Agragati on The Wide World of Esports, all about building esports centers.

Retail Brick & Mortar

Gamers Grove

In 2024, I co-founded “Gamers Grove”, one of the highest quality gaming centers in the world. It has quickly become the region’s hottest digital entertainment and education hub, featuring the latest gear, including custom-built PC’s I designed, enterprise business-class backbone infrastructure, a state-of-the-art network rack featuring 2.5 gig endpoints, dozens of PC’s and consoles, and more. This venue is the most complete and current example of my work to date. Be sure to visit if you’re passing through Cedar Grove, NJ!


CBS-8 TV news story on Agragati’s center and his weekly Smash tournaments (est. 153,000 views)

CBS-8 TV news story on Agragati’s pivot into online tournaments during the COVID-19 lockdown

Facebook promotional piece for Jeff Zevely’s “Zevely Zone” story on our Smash tournaments

NBC-7/Telemundo-20 sports news story with TV anchor Carlos Ramírez (Spanish language)

Interview with Agragati featuring his esports center and TwitchCon on KPBS-TV (2019).


  • Partnership with HyperX: we are one of only 2 centers in the US that have been given full peripheral sponsorship support
  • Partnership with Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, one of the biggest global esports celebrities – a pro CS:GO player, formerly with Cloud9
  • Partnerships with DXRacer, Steelseries, Matcherino, Gunnar Optics, EVGA, Bawls Guarana, JiNX, Turismo Racing, and more
  • Planned & executed an off-site event business and ran groundbreaking gaming tournaments with customers such as Sycuan Casino & FM94-9 radio (2017, hundreds of attendees), Del Mar Fair at the San Diego County Fairgrounds (2018, our exhibit was featured over 30 days, touching tens of thousands of people) and “MineSync“, a Minecraft tournament at Fleet Week San Diego 2019.
  • Hosted semi-pro teams including Team Echo Fox, Envision Esports (who utilized our center to boot camp and then compete in a tournament, which they won), and influencers like James Bardolph (vice-president of CS:GO’s famed FACEIT)
  • Over 450 Minecraft and Fortnite private parties
  • Live streamed our tournaments to tens of thousands of people on
  • Official launch party with NCSoft’s Master X Master.
  • Hosted Alienware live tour


A Spontaneous, Revealing Interview on CBS-KFMB Talk Radio

Agragati’s previous business, a long running, successful technical repair and support company called “San Diego PC Help”, was put on the spotlight during this spontaneous radio broadcast. Listen to what media personality Jeff Isaac had to say about his work ethic in this inspiring video. If you like what you hear, check out part two.



As esports center operators for over a decade, we understand what it takes to impact your guests by creating immersive attractions that leave them with powerful emotions and memories. Knowing what your actual goals are and how to achieve them is required for success – we are here for you at every step. If you need assistance in running numbers, we can help you to understand the full financial scale of what you will be encountering, including startup costs, operations and utilization. If you have an existing center and you’re looking to increase revenue, launch a new service or optimize your space and increase efficiency, we can help!

A free one-on-one with us could help you to avoid costly mistakes, save you countless dollars, headaches and frustration, and help you to determine what is going to give you the best, longest and most satisfying results with your new business endeavor.

It’s clear that there is a need for guidance and counsel on how to properly set up, operate and market a successful gaming center. Obviously, each person has their own specific dreams, and bringing these to fruition requires a very specific dialogue that is customized to the individual. We offer free consultations to discuss your goals, objectives and needs in more detail, and to give you the specific, direct guidance and answers you need.

Agragati’s Full Work History

Business & Esports Pioneer. Consultant & Mentor.

IT Expert. Web Designer. Online Marketer.

Child Actor. Screenwriter.

Non-Profit Server.


GameSync Consulting

GameSync Consulting (the site you’re on now!) is a full service B2B provider helping new startups and existing operators in the esports center sector. I cover the entire scope of starting a center and can help in any area, including planning and funding, location and layout, technology, interior design, media, content, branding & marketing, community building, events, and more. I have a powerful partner network saving owners potentially many thousands of dollars, and have served hundreds of centers worldwide in various capacities.


GameSync Esports Performance Training

GameSync Esports Performance Training (est. 2022) offers groundbreaking coaching and resources for aspiring esports athletes of all levels worldwide. Most athletes love working with personal trainers to refine their bodies to make sure they are in tip-top shape to perform. It’s no different with esports. Even in the most physical sports like hockey and football, most agree it is at least 50%. In esports, that number jumps to closer to 90% – making mental skills trainers all the more useful.

Retail Brick & Mortar 

GameSync Esports Center

In 2012, I launched GameSync, aiming to serve the casual and serious gamer and elevate the local community. As a purpose-built, first to market enterprise in the emerging esports sector, I was able to capture the local market and leverage our position to create new opportunities, build a customer database of over 13,000, and plant our flag in a city of 3.5 million. In 2018, we expanded and moved to our current location, which features 1 Gbps DIA symmetrical fiber, offering the highest quality and fastest public Internet in the county.

Event Planning

GameSync Events

GameSync Events (est. 2020) offers online and local tournaments & gaming competitions to customers Nationwide. We focus on small, community oriented events for customers such as the City of San Diego. We offer a full suite of services including planning, marketing & event execution, as well as streaming/broadcasting.

Online Tournaments

GameSync Esports Discord

GameSync Esports Discord server, launched in 2016 as one of the first esports centers on Discord, hosts over 7,000 gamers and offers competitive online tournaments, team building, topical discussion, and more.

Media & Video Production

GameSync Studios

Launched during Twitchcon 2019 with the news director for FOX-5 San Diego and based inside my gaming center, GameSync Studios is an independent production company for esports. Our goal is to create engaging stories for local and international markets (our reporters are multilingual) and can shoot and produce for events, interviews, docuseries, product launches, commercials, and conferences.

Referral Marketing

GameSync Coupons

GameSync Coupons is a code referral program that offers customers a discount on our partner’s hardware products. Since 2015, it has been the largest independent page online for gaming related, always-on coupon codes.

Retail Brick & Mortar 

San Diego PC Help

In 1999, I launched San Diego PC Help which became one of the most well known technology support companies in the region, with Nationwide mail in repair service, 18,000 customers including thousands of businesses, 140 phone inquiries a day and 14 employees and contractors at its peak. We were voted best repair shop in San Diego.

    Graphics Design


    From 1999-2001, I designed electronic greeting cards under my brand ‘’, for, one of the first photo sharing websites. The e-cards were featured on their website as a free value added service for users. I was hired by and worked directly for Narendra Rocherolle, one of the founders and a web pioneer who is credited with the first article about a small company his friend started called Twitter, as well as the first ever ‘retweet’.


      Being interviewed by Florida-based Ezone Media documentary on esports.


      San Diego Union Tribune article about gamification incuded an interview with Agragati about his marketing strategy to reward customers for visiting his store.

      San Diego Business Journal full page article featuring an interview with Agragati.

      San Diego CityBeat article on Agragati’s gaming center and the rise of esports in san Diego.

      LA based Children Magazine article featuring Agragati’s vegetarian restaurant in Westwood, CA (January, 1999).


      I have traveled to over 65 countries as an international goodwill ambassador and as a volunteer for cultural exchange programs and humanitarian aid service projects, including the Peace Run, the Oneness-Heart Tears & Smiles and Peace Concerts.


      Throughout my travels, I have documented my journey with photographs and I have shot video as a volunteer for non-profit programmes & events.


      Planning & Fundraising

      • Business Plan & Financial Projections
      • Modelling
      • Investor Decks
      • Demographics & Feasibility Study
      • Marketing Plan
      • Strategic Opportunities

      Location & Layout

      • Securing the Ideal Venue
      • Lease Negotiations
      • Permits & Code Compliance
      • Architecture, Floor Plan, Electrical, Networking

      Technology Purchases

      • Gaming PCs & Peripherals
      • Console, VR
      • Rack Server, UPS
      • Network Design, Gateway, Switches, WiFi
      • LAN Center Management Softwares

      Interior Design

      • Gaming Chairs & Tables
      • Couches & Furniture
      • Artwork, Deco
      • Ceiling, Floor, Lighting
      • Reception, Display Counters

      Media & Content

      • Studio Production, Esports Workflows
      • Cameras, Lighting, Casting Desk
      • Stage Design
      • Streaming & Video Switching

      Marketing & Events

      • Logo, Website Design, Hosting
      • Facebook Ads, Social Media
      • Tournaments & Meetups
      • Community Outreach
      • Merchandise Store

      Other Categories Include: Talent Acquisition, Employee Manuals & Training, IT Service & Maintenance, Disaster Planning, Custom Network Configuration, Waivers & Liability, Insurance, Education