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Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll get to know you and your new (or existing) business, give you some initial recommendations, and share our experiences with you.



Once we determine the best way we can serve you, we’ll create a plan to help you achieve your goals and present you with a detailed proposal on how to go forward.



We go to work! Along the way, we’ll answer your questions and provide relevant resources. We aim to provide razor-sharp strategy, timely advice and impactful deliberables.


Technology Consultation

Get set up with efficient, affordable, and reliable PC,s networking and server technology, including help with:

  • PC, server, console, rack assistance
  • Network topology & full build-out
  • Ethernet run planning assistance
  • LAN center management operational software
  • Console management
  • and much more!

Floor Plan Design

We can provide practical floor plan and blueprints based on proven, successful models, so that your implementation will serve your community for years to come. This critical developmental step benefits from experience – we know the right flow and spacing to keep your community comfortable and happy, while addressing many simultaneous business use cases.

We go through an end-to-end process from initial conception to an opened and thriving center. Avoid pitfalls and problems while launching a far healhier startup than otherwise. Early Stage Consultations include:

  • Floor plan, furniture and construction strategy
  • Use cases/scenarios
  • Merchant processing & POS recommendations
  • Desired games & licensing plan
  • Community & B2B pre-launch strategy

Early Stage Development and Build-out

Network Design

Leave your network to the pros, with a full suite of products to secure and organize your network. We use gear that allows for segmenting on the network using QOS and VLAN to give you complete control.

Business Plan & Feasibility

A business plan consultation involves:

  • Service, Market, Organizational, and Financial feasibility
  • Resource requirements
  • Revenue drivers
  • Projected organizational structure and wages
  • Threats to success and how to overcome them

We have built our own custom spreadsheet templates and calculators that can help you to plan for and run your business. Examples:

  • Monthly revenue vs expenses at different capacities chart
  • Power consumption, tech & labor estimate
  • Monthly income statement
  • Yearly revenue and revenue over startup costs
  • Operations Estimation Sheet – a guide for new esports center owners who are looking to find out what their general costs could be

Spreadsheets and Calculators

We Offer Numerous Other Services!

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Build a Passionate Fan Base With Events


Using our powerful hooks and receptors strategy, we help you to plan out how to bring customers to your business. And since Esports is booming and the demand for gaming centers is at an all time high, the opportunity to successfully launch and grow one has never been better.

We can help with all aspects, including:

  • Tournament & event procedures, guides and execution strategy
  • Pricing models including memberships and subscriptions
  • Ongoing, consistent players & fan base coming in to your center creates recurring, predictable revenue streams

We have over a decade of experience running tournaments at our own center in San Diego. We currently host the longest running Super Smash Bros. tournaments in North America, since 2019.

We’ve had our events featured in local TV news and printed media. Watch the videos below to get a sense of the community that we’ve built at our location.

We’re Here to Help

Check out these common questions. If we haven’t answered yours, get in touch!

Why should I start an esports center?

There are too many reasons to list! But for starters, there are over 214 million Americans who play video games, but not many quality establishments where people can gather together. Esports represents a new and up-and-coming sport that requires an ecosystem to support casual, serious and competitive players, just like regular sports. Gamers need digital performance centers as they often can’t get the performance they need at home. And the social aspects of playing together is one of the core reasons for the explosive growth of esports – but it’s ostensibly impossible to duplicate what an esports center offers at home.

How much money can I make from an esports center?

This question, while commonly asked, has many answers. It all depends on your network utilization rate, your rate of occupancy, which is directly tied to your business plan and how well it’s executed, along with a host of other factors. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll get into all the details!

How much does it take to start a center?

Budgets vary widely, but it depends largely on the size of the venue, equipment and other initial costs such as tenant improvements, and other factors. We have niche-specific calculators and customized tools to help you plan everything on paper, so you can estimate how much you will need to start, as well as sustain your business in the early stages.

How long does it take to work with a client from initial conception to opening their center?

It can take on average 6 months, but building an esports center is not a 100% structured process. There are organic elements as well as areas that an owner may wish to spend more time on. As it’s impossible for anyone to accurately predict everything that unfolds in the process of starting a new business, especially one that has varying degrees of complexity and intricacy, the process may be shorter or longer depending on the circumstances.

We strongly suggest you take advantage of our business planning services, to get everything on paper before going forward. Included is a detailed timeline based on our experience of helping open numerous other centers, to help forecast when you can open.

Can you give me a list of some of the major items you cover?

Here is a detailed breakdown of how we can help in the business planning & technology design aspects, as well as the early stage development and build-out. Keep in mind that some of the items may perhaps not appear to be important but may turn out to affect or influence short and long term success and bottom line profitability:

– PC, server, console, rack: design/vendors/pricing
– Network map & full network topology/build-out including specs/vendor/pricing
– Ethernet run planning assistance
– LAN center management operational software recommendations & vendors/pricing
– Virtual Reality (VR) specs, design, vendors/pricing 
– Windows Server & Client CAL/OEM licensing recommendation & pricing
– ISP/Fiber discussion (please provide all available provider’s pricing tables for your region)
– Stage “battle” arena specs/design/pricing
– Dedicated streaming / podcasting / broadcast / video station: specs (including additional monitors, cameras).
– Assistance with vetting & communication with local IT provider/personnel for any on-site installation (for example, running network cables, installing rack, etc.)
– Assistance with P.A./audio/sound system, if applicable

Other areas:

– Floor plan/layout discussion/strategy
– Use cases/scenarios, a discussion of scheduling, events, coaching programs, etc.
– Input on lighting, desk placement, cable runs (power & internet), front counter design & utility, snack area, etc
– Furniture (chairs, desks, etc.) discussion/strategy
– Logo design & branding feedback (if applicable)
– Merchandise & apparel discussion/strategy (including crew shirts, jerseys)
– Food & drink equipment & product recommendations
– Security/DVR recommendations
– Staff/check in area planning
– Merchant processing & POS recommendations
– Mounting and hardware security recommendations
– Desired games & licensing plan
– Construction advice: HVAC, floor, ceiling, entry/exit pathways, electrical runs & planning, etc.
– Community & B2B pre-launch strategy
– Marketing feedback/input/guidance (eg: advice on survey, social media profiles, Discord server setup, apps & tools, networking with local influencers/streamers, etc)
– Games to platform: suggestions & strategy, including popular & obscure titles
– Review and input on pricing of core services
– List of personnel needs and a hiring/growth timeline
– Review or help prepare your general operational budget outline, including opening budget and a monthly operational P&L

How much do you charge for sessions?

We don’t have any set price. Instead, we work within your budget and are flexible to your needs. We don’t want to be a barrier of entry for you and do whatever it takes to make our services affordable and painless. We exist to help you succeed.

How soon will I hear back from you?

We typically respond to inquiries within just 2-3 hours!

Do you give consultation on tournaments? What’s your tournament background?

Yes, we can offer tournament consultations, based on our own success. We currently host arguably the longest running SSBU (Smash Bros.) tournaments in the world, having run a weekly consistently since 2018, with the exception of the Covid-19 lockdown. We also offer complete documentation and business models on running your own tournaments, based on our experiences over the years.

What are some more common questions you receive?

I.T. infrastructure: what hardware are we going to need? For example:

• A rundown/shopping list of PCs and what kind of configuration for each gaming station – looking for more of a configuration spec sheet.

• What we need for a server and streaming PC.

• Additional items like spectating monitors, cameras and microphones for twitch broadcasting.

* What kind of network hardware configuration is needed.

• The specs for the A/V setup including stage.

Operational Software & Game Titles: 

• A shopping list for software for the client PC’s, A/V control, administrator, server.

• What games should we platform? What are the hot games and will be the hot games for the next few seasons? If we want to start esports coaching, how many titles do we pick and which ones?

Business Plan: 

• List and pricing of core services.

• What are some additional products? Classes, camps, tournaments, etc.

• List of personnel needs and a hiring/growth timeline.

• A general operational budget outline.

• If I have my own ideas, how can I effectively integrate them into your current industry baseline standard.

Selected Tournaments We’ve Run

Whether you want to provide an engaging, interactive space where passionate players can immerse themselves, or you simply love gaming as a powerful form of story telling or skill building, we are here to guide you.