GUIDES WE'VE DEVELOPED from OVER a decade of EVENT experience

Grow Your Brand, Fan Base and Income With Our Guides

We know that offering regular events, including gaming competitions for the local community, can really boost revenue and create a lot of excitement and attention around your business. Yet there are so many complexities and planning required in order to be able to properly execute events. That’s where we come in.

We have developed written procedures for common tournament tasks, including:

  • Before people arrive
  • When people start arriving, how to handle the various scenarios: pre-registered and pre-paid, pre-registered but did NOT pre-pay, did NOT pre-register but they have a bracket account, they didn’t register online, they are just there to play friendlies.
  • Pools & Seeding
  • Starting the bracket
  • Announcements
  • Stream information
  • Recording match set outcomes
  • Post-event experience, including stream conclusion, VOD export
  • Winners, payout calculation spreadsheets and processing
  • Social media
  • Fun side bracket ideas
  • Player rules & other tournament info
  • Examples of possible tasks to improve the tournament experience, some that could potentially be delegated to other helpers
  • Consultations on marketing plan/strategy, branding & content

Build Your Discord With Our Server Customization Service

Discord is essential to building your community by engaging with your customers. It can even be used to facilitate communication during events. With over 150 million monthly active users (mainly gamers), every gaming center should have a curated server. Increase brand awareness, provide customer service, gain exposure, and much more. Our own Discord server has been online since 2016 and boasts over 8,000 members!

We show you how to configure a server from scratch and how to customize it to your specific needs. We recommend what bots to use, how to configure permissions and channels, how to use announcements, and more! If you haven’t tried before, feel free to join our server and check it out.

Power Up Your Events With Influencers!

We’ve developed successful strategies to bring local talent into your center. Our own arena has received worldwide attention and media by virtue of our relationship with Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, formerly one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world. Jordan’s appearances at our tournaments and shout-outs significantly helped increase our local attendance and dramatically spiked stream viewship and website traffic.

Selected Events We’ve Run

We can help with these, and others!

Stream your tournaments to Twitch! Learn how to set up your center for consistent, high quality broadcasting to build a global audience of fans, engage the community, and increase sponsorships and brand awareness.