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There are many ways to make money from esports centers. Since 2012, we’ve helped maximize profitability for owners with our wide range of proven ideas, including:

Meet Agragati, Your Dedicated Advisor

Center owner & veteran consultant

Since 2012, Agragati Siegel has been a pioneer in the esports industry. By innovating and proving out ideas with his own centers for over a decade, he has gained invaluable knowledge and experience which he has used to help hundreds of business owners worldwide. Agragati respond promptly to every inquiry, seven days a week.

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Customer Spotlight

Watch this video walk-through of a center we helped design in Los Angeles. Although it looks expensive, it was built on a budget with a heavy amount of strategy employed. The center has proven to be a huge success with a large following and 5 star reviews.

Your Community Needs a Gaming Center

If you’ve done any research, you know that esports facilities are exploding and now is the time to establish yourself – it’s still early days, so you’ll want to grab market share in your area and build your following as much as possible. Just like you, when we first started (over a decade ago!), we sought out authorities to get advice and avoid mistakes. But we couldn’t find anyone willing to talk. Fast forward to today and that’s where we come in.


If you have a vision for your amazing gaming getaway but you’re not sure how to implement it, we provide practical steps based on proven, successful models. You may already have a business plan and financials squared away but you’d like to speak with someone who knows the business intimately, to help fine tune everything. Or you may need advice on where to get equipment, what software to use, and how to set up a network. Need an efficient floor plan/blueprint or design? We do that too, with any feature set desired. We exist to help you succeed.

Now Is the Time to Launch!

Stream Live Gaming Content

Broadcasting from your center creates a valuable opportunity to grow your fan base, add value to your brand, and engage the community, all while simultaneously serving your marketing plan and expansion goals. We can help you design the needed IT infrastructure with minimal investment so you can showcase your events and gain the exposure and followers you deserve.

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Some Common Questions We Answer Include:

How do I make money and get repeat customers?

What are the steps to create a social environment that will bring people back again and again?

Which software(s) should I use to run my center?

Do I have to buy game licenses for each machine? What about the Steam & Blizzard Café Programs?

How many PC’s should I have? What about consoles?

What kind of insurance should I carry?

What about Virtual Reality, Simulators and other interactive experiences?

What starting budget do I need to be successful?

How do I obtain sponsors for free hardware & software?

How much should I spend on each station?

What size space do I need?

How should I run cables & network my center?