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The Perfect Gaming Desks

We’d like to offer a brief education on how to purchase esports furniture. We recommend desks that are largely iron, which obviously don’t warp, along with some kind of protective surface to withstand constant contact, while not changing shape. We would never suggest a veneered desk and we would always ensure that the one we recommend is fabricated with proper steel joints. The product we recommend has these qualities.

Turismo offers ready to ship desks along with additional features that could be added on. They offer a customized mousepad with optional LED lighting. A second mousepad could even be used on top, if desired.

To order a discounted sample desk from their website, use this link and enter coupon code GAMESYNC.


No laminate veneer

Avoid laminate veneer at all costs! This is a cheap solution and is typically glued on. It will start to peel, typically within a couple months. Also, sweat and moisture will cause the veneer to warp. You will find that manufacturers claim that laminate is preferred due to “durability, ease of cleaning, and a smoother surface” but they will start to peel very quickly. If it’s durable, why are there no manufacturers that offer a warranty that promises they will replace the entire laminate once it starts to peel?

High quality construction

If you look closely at how typical desks sold online are constructed, you will see weaknesses in the connections that will affect the stability. Examples would be clips, poor quality hardware, lack of solid bolts with correct fitment. This will result in desk wobble problems that most gamers complain about. Personally, we want each desk to be solid on its own. You should not have to use clips or extra hardware to create stability. When a gamer gets upset and slams his hand on the desk, the joints are going to take a beating and eventually dislodge. Yes, they may have a “cool design”, but if the build quality and solid architecture isn’t there, it’s of no avail.

No wood framing

There are two problems with wood. The first is that if the desk were made out of real wood, such as birch, then you would dye/varnish it, but you don’t see that in competitor’s products. Instead, they typically install a cheap veneer. They also make claims that high quality wood is used, but then, why would one install veneer over genuine, high quality wood? This is commonly done when using cheap particle board. If you see clear joints, that’s a sign of this.

The second (and main) problem is that manufactured wood (or even real wood) doesn’t stand up to gamers.

Commercially designed, factory built

In so many consumer products found online, home versions and commercial versions exist. The reason that commercial versions exist is because they take a beating. Esports center desks need far more reinforcement than one would imagine. Turismo is a commercial grade factory, purpose-designed and manufactured for retail brick-and-mortar locations.

Custom Branded Desks

We worked with Turismo to create the perfect desk for an esports center, with size options of 36″ (3 feet) wide and 42″ (3.5 feet) wide, to allow for a PC to be placed to the side of a monitor and still allow for maximum comfort and space. Even larger sized desks are available, such as the Decagon (48″ wide) and beyond.


  • High quality, custom branded mouse pad covering every inch of the desk surface
  • Steel cable management raceway
  • Dual leg support system to reduce/eliminate wobble
  • Heavy duty base can support over 300 pounds

A Perfect Desk

In terms of desired features, we believe that stability is #1 by a longshot. The average desk isn’t suited for gaming, where you’re moving all the time. Additionally, the pad makes the entire desk usable to a gamer, instead of a small square that you typically see. We suggest a full surface pad, the entire desk size. Everything goes on the pad: keyboard, mouse, etc. Your typical office furniture won’t allow for that option and again, we don’t recommend small mouse pads. Modern gamers don’t use those or like them, especially adult gamers playing FPS games.

We also feel that the design doesn’t need to be fancy or too crazy. What we suggest is a clean appearance, plus build quality, plus good features. For example, we like desks with cable management. It helps with the appearance, as well as when setting up, and for maintenance access.

How much do the desks cost?

Turismo offers custom pricing for GameSync Consulting customers. Just give them a call and mention us to receive a quote to your specifications and needs!

How long is the lead time?

It varies, depending on whether custom branded products are ordered or not, as well as whether other centers are ordering at the same time. Turismo will be able to provide time estimates.

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Centers Use Turismo Desks With All Major Gaming Systems and Devices

Chairs that Hold Up Over Time

High Quality Upholstery

Italian-Made NapaSens Leatherette


Multi-Tilt Mechanism

180° Full Tilt Mechanism and Tilt Angle Lock


High Quality Foam

Cold-Cure Comfort Foam with Memory Foam Layer


Industry Leading Warranty

2 Years with 5 Years Option

Unrivaled Gaming Chairs

Let’s get this out of the way first: we do not recommend you buy cheap chairs! Everything we’ve tested for about $150 or less copy standard gaming chair designs, but don’t use anywhere near the same materials. It’s literally the absolute cheapest available: the interior foam is recycled, the same type of foam that is used under carpets. Basically, old mattresses and packaging materials get thrown in giant blenders and the foam shreds are sort of glued together. But that foam has no support obviously, and after a few months it just disintegrates inside the chair. This is not acceptable for a high traffic retail esports center. 

Here’s an example of what we are talking about:

To order a discounted sample chair from the Turismo website, use this link and enter coupon code GAMESYNC.