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We’ve tested hundreds of products over a decade. Here’s some of our top picks – contact us for more ideas!


We’ve also got you covered with website design, logo design and tournament guides!


It took us many years to vet a provider we were confident sending our customers to, but we finally found them in Turismo Racing. Check out our expanded review using the link below, where we cover their product line, build quality, and fit-and-finish. Everything is custom brandable and their B2B bulk pricing is not only extremely competitive, it is arguably unbeatable for the level of quality offered anywhere. The owner, Mike, handles each order directly by hand from start to finish himself, ensuring the highest level of service.

To order a discounted sample desk from their website, use this link and enter coupon code GAMESYNC


Esports center software can be complicated, messy, buggy/unstable, or lacking in features. After over a decade of testing every software imaginable, CCBootCloud + iCafeCloud earned our respect and is far and away our favorite: it’s the most stable, the least expensive, the longest running (with the largest customer base), and in our experience, provides the best support available. We’ve deployed to hundreds of centers worldwide and offer free demos on Discord.


We recommend custom gaming PC’s, a server, and business-grade networking equipment to power your esports center. We can also help develop a network topology that makes sense for your center’s budget and physical size. 


Over a decade of experience in running our own esports tournaments, both at GameSync Esports Center and online, has resulted in us developing and refining written procedures and comprehensive, documented processes for a variety of popular esports titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Valorant, Fortnite and more.