Introducing a new revenue stream for esports centers

Get $150/mo+ Passive Income

GameSync Consulting, in an exclusive partnership with Bitcoin Depot, has launched a new program for esports centers: deploy a free Bitcoin ATM machine at your venue and earn $150 per month guaranteed, or $1.50 per transaction, whichever is higher! Plus get free advertising to drive foot traffic to your store, and more.

About Bitcoin ATM’s

Although many believe that buying Bitcoin is only possible through exchanges or personal connections, Bitcoin can actually be obtained through ATMs, much like cash. These machines, referred to as Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs), are being established all throughout the United States, making it easier than ever to acquire cryptocurrency.

While you commonly find Bitcoin Depot ATM’s at places like convenience stores, we are bringing esports centers into the fold for the first time. 

What this is about

Tap into the world’s largest and most trusted Bitcoin ATM network

By converting your esports center into a Bitcoin Depot ATM (BTM) location, customers can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin with cash at your venue. Utilizing a BTM allows users to exchange fiat currency for Bitcoin, without the complications of using an exchange. BTMs resemble typical ATMs used for depositing or withdrawing money, with the exception being that you receive Bitcoin instead of cash. 

How it works

Purchasing Bitcoin at a Bitcoin Depot ATM is a straightforward process that requires following the on-screen instructions. Providing your wallet address and personal information is all that is needed, with Bitcoin Depot only requiring your name, email address, and phone number for transactions under $250. 

Great for internal marketing

Show off your new ATM to your existing customer base. We’ve found that the interest that comes with having nice, new equipment creates a buzz among your customers.

Low footprint & power

With a low-profile footprint and the latest in energy saving technology, the machine takes very little floor space and power. Draw people to your venue who may not have come in otherwise – once they enter, they have an opportunity to become a new gaming center customer.


Kiosk specifications:

Channels utilized to drive new foot traffic to you:

We’re Here to Help

Check out these common questions. If we haven’t answered yours, get in touch!

Why am I getting paid for this, what are the benefits, and when and how do I get paid?

We have made a special arrangement with Bitcoin Depot to get centers paid a minimum of $150/mo for installing a Bitcoin kiosk at their venues. We illustrated to them that there is a big intersection between gamers and crypto, so naturally it benefits them to have their BTM’s exposed to your customer base. Additionally, their ability to drive new traffic to your store helps center owners. Also, your customers may appreciate having it (both the features and the nice, modern fit-and-finish of the kiosk itself adds some attractiveness and desirability to your space). Added to all that, you’re also getting monthly passive income. We therefore see it as a win all around.

Payments are monthly. You can either receive funds via ACH bank transfer, around the 15th of every month, or you can opt to receive a check.

What does the setup process look like? Is an internet connection required?

Contact us with your venue name and address. Once your location is validated and approved, the manufacturer will send you three documents to review and sign: KPF Kiosk Placement Form, w-9 and the ACH form to receive your payment. It takes about 4-6 weeks to ship the unit to you (paid for by them). They will send a team to install the unit as well (usually same day you receive it, if not the next day, also paid by them).

No, you don’t need to use your internet as a wireless service is used internally and is covered by the manufacturer.

What type of customers can I expect to be driven to my store?

Here are some metrics from Bitcoin Depot:

  • 65% are under the age of 45
  • 51% use their BTM kiosks more than once per week
  • 27% use crypto primarily for online purchases
How many esports centers are doing this?

This special offer for esports centers was launched on April 4, 2023. At the present time you’re reading this, we have helped deploy 10 kiosks to centers around the USA and Canada.

Who is Bitcoin Depot and how do they support me as a venue operator?

They are the largest crypto ATM operator in the world and are publicly traded:

  • 7,000 BTM’s and counting in the USA and Canada
  • Unmatched, proven ability to scale and meet partner’s needs
  • Deep pipeline of new capabilities and products to meet customer’s needs

They have a dedicated account management team that supports you throughout the partnership:

  • Ensures timely rent payments and reporting for your store
  • Handles all marketing support requests
  • Dedicated point of contact for all questions
  • Updates with new Bitcoin Depot products and programs
  • Help with future expansion plans for new stores and/or remodels

Their compliance team leads the industry in crypto regulations:

  • Dedicated in-house compliance team
  • Multipe state-of-the-art compliance management tools
  • Independent testing and updating of BSA/AML practices via a network of experts

Their team is continously trained and developed, and they perform rigorous customer due dilligence on reporting and transactions.

What if there's a technical issue with the kiosk and how does customer service work?

The good news is that you or your people don’t need to get involved with any technical issues. The number on the unit is who the customer needs to call. They will then be connected with customer service.

The Bitcoin Depot customer support team ensures customers have a positive experience with every transaction. They are available via:

  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Live chat

A customer service representative is ready to help typically within 15 seconds.


Who picks up the cash collected at the BTM and is it on a schedule?

There are several providers who Bitcoin Depot works with to collect cash. There is no set schedule.

The name implies Bitcoin only, but could Ethereum or Litecoin be purchased?

Yes! All three types of coins are supported, and others may be added in the future, depending on the market.

Using a BTM will let you turn cash into Bitcoin, but at a '2-way ATM', you can also exchange your holdings for cash. Does this BTM do that?

The BTM is cash for crypto only.

BTM vs. exchanges


While creating an online exchange account is relatively easy, there are certain drawbacks. Some exchanges may close accounts that have conducted a large number of transactions or have withdrawn significant amounts without explanation. Additionally, certain websites may not permit users from specific countries to sign up. While some online exchanges have simplified the process, it can still be confusing and require multiple steps, with unfamiliar terminology for first-time buyers. Therefore, people new to crypto, and even some veterans, often use a Bitcoin ATM, as the process is similar to using a regular bank ATM.

Most online exchanges require a lot of verification during the sign-up process, regardless of the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy. This initial process can take a few days, and in some cases, several weeks of back-and-forth with support teams to resolve any issues with the personal information you provide. Often, additional verification levels are necessary to withdraw funds from the exchange. In contrast, with Bitcoin ATMs, you only need a phone number that can receive a text message confirmation to get started. Since these ATMs accept cash, you don’t even need to involve your bank in the transaction.

The process of depositing funds onto an online exchange takes several days, and withdrawing them into your bank account can also take a few days. This can be a significant inconvenience if you need to buy or sell Bitcoin quickly. However, using a BTM, or Bitcoin Teller Machine, you can turn your cash into Bitcoin in just a few minutes, and at a 2-way ATM, you can also exchange your holdings for cash from the machine in a similar timeframe.

Another benefit of using crypto ATMs is that they are readily accessible, much like purchasing a coffee from Starbucks. Using these ATMs is an excellent option for those who find it challenging to access traditional banking systems. They can easily get into cryptocurrency and take a significant step forward in financial inclusion.

If you want to offer your community and customers the ability to buy Bitcoin from your location without dealing with the time-consuming process of an online exchange, while simultaneously receiving passive income, consider hosting a Bitcoin ATM. These kiosks offer simplified verification steps, allowing any customer with fiat currency to purchase Bitcoin without the numerous additional documents required by most other providers.

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