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The Grid Esports Center

Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the owners of The Grid invested in all the right gear prior to launch: high end gaming PCs, the latest consoles, VR, a racing sim, a premium CCBootCloud server, enterprise networking equipment, custom gaming desks and chairs, and much more. Note: this short promo video doesn’t show all inventory, but rest assured, everything you need to open The Grid in your market is included.

More Information

Own the ultimate esports retail center! The Grid is offering a complete asset package for sale with this one-time offer via GameSync Consulting. The owners are selling their entire inventory – you can potentially save untold thousands of dollars and months of research, design and development if you were starting your gaming center from scratch. Everything you need, and more, is available, and you can see most of it on this page.

The Grid Esports opened on October 1, 2020, right in the middle of Covid, and yet, has remained open, serving numerous gamers in Northwest Arkansas with lots of fun events, tournaments, special guest appearances, and top tier gaming, all in a safe and unique environment.

Now you can replicate that so much easier by investing in a proven brand and operation. Move it into your own space and deploy! (Note: the owners happen to be freight forwarders as well and can assist with shipping).

You get so much more than equipment, including all the branding and marketing assets, which shaves months and thousands of dollars off your start up time, making this offer truly unique in the industry. Nobody has ever presented such a total package that all you have to mainly do is find the proper space, install the equipment, and be operating far faster than any gaming center ever.

They’ve been successful and you can too, at far less expense than a normal start-up. For more information, contact us. With the refreshed growth in retail, this package will not be available for long. Price and purchase options are flexible.


You get all their gear and equipment, including:

  • 30 super fast custom built gaming PC’s
  • CCBootCloud server with 4TB NVMe of game storage
  • A robust network firewall with managed switches, Wi-Fi access points, audio system and rack
  • Almost 2 miles in total of shielded CAT-6 cable
  • 12+ consoles including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch
  • 35+ controllers
  • 35+ complete sets of gaming peripherals including headsets, mice and keyboards
  • 14 Samsung HD flat screens from 50″-70″
  • A real cockpit racing simulator
  • Two Oculus 2 VR headsets and controllers
  • HD projector
  • Streaming gear for a studio, including green screen
  • A security system with 6 HD cameras
  • Complete gaming library, operational software and licenses


  • Case – Corsair Crystal RGB
  • CPU – Intel Core i7-9700K Coffee Lake
  • RAM – G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
  • Motherboard – ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F
  • Monitor – 27″ Gigabyte, 144hz, 1ms, 1080p


  • 53 custom-made branded gaming chairs
  • 32 custom built gaming desk with full top RGB mouse pads
  • 30 spare full top RGB mouse pads
  • Theater quality reclining sofas, cocktail tables and stools
  • Custom built front counter and back cabinet
  • Stage lighting package with trusses


  • Next Level Racing “GT Track” cockpit
  • Sparco Competition steering wheel w/ paddle shifter
  • Thrustmaster 7-speed shifter and 3-pedal set
  • Thrustmaster Sparco handbrake/sequential shifter
  • ButtKicker vibrating seat
  • Games for novices and advanced racers
  • Hundreds of tracks and cars – open-wheel, dirt, stock car, rally, GT, and more
  • Forza Horizon 4: Arcade-style Open World racing featuring over 300 cars
  • DIRT 5: Entry-level dirt rally racing. 63+ rally cars from different countries and eras, and 75 tracks from around the globe
  • F1: Formula One racing with 33 cars and 21 tracks
  • Forza Motorsport 7: Near-realism simulator with 700+ cars and 32 tracks including drift circuits and drag strips. Adjustable difficulty with multiple tuning options for cars & tracks
  • iRacing: High-realism simulator featuring open wheel, dirt, drift, GT, stock car, and prototype racing. 28 cars and 21 tracks. Adjustable difficulty with multiple tuning options for cars & tracks
  • Assetto Corsa: High-realism simulator with 38 cars and 10 tracks. Adjustable difficulty with multiple tuning options for cars & tracks


  • Exterior sign (purchased for $8k, looks awesome in person!)
  • Trademark name
  • Logo and all graphics assets
  • Web property ( including domain and all content
  • Accounts for Instagram, FacebookTwitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit and YouTube
  • Library of extensive social media posts
  • Original video, animation and photo library
  • Sponsorship deck, developed in-house (used to successfully secure Taco Bell as their title sponsor)
  • Google Drive account with all files


  • Tournament format and guidelines
  • Promotional and event guide and materials
  • Accounts to tournaments on Battlefy and
  • The Grid Discord server super admin
  • Live streaming Twitch account


  • The most unique, new party experience for kids! Customers rent a private room or the entire venue for birthdays, summer parties, church groups, and more.
  • Experience features VR, a racing sim, and the best console and PC gaming set ups with the biggest titles
  • Proven model was utilized for numerous types of customers, including: school field trips, team building events, bachelor parties, girl’s night out, family get-togethers, graduation celebrations, holiday parties, and more
  • All equipment and procedures you need to offer a private event in your center is included
  • Assistance with questions on room design and layout for private events available on request


  • Operations and training manuals – these have been developed and refined over many months and are currently being used in production
  • Phone and live chat customer service to fast-track deployment and operations, especially in the launch phase



  • Licensing program: license out The Grid to other centers and create recurring income for yourself!
  • Complete licensing package and marketing materials already developed and ready to go to market
  • Many benefits for other centers you sell to, including: advantages of a franchise without monthly royalty fees, more flexible with less restrictions, saves owners months of research, design & development.
  • Offerings to licensees could include exclusive use of The Grid brand, systems & processes, operations/training/management, IT manuals, direct contact with trusted suppliers for hardware such as PCs, custom chairs/desks, audio/video, network & operating hardware & software, peripherals, monitors, jerseys and merchandise, and sources for games, consoles, lighting, security and more.


  • The Grid was able to successfully onboard sponsors to help pay for the costs associated with opening the center.Taco Bell, the US Army, and others signed on for these co-branded opportunities.
  • Utilize the same resources, pitch deck, and strategies that worked for them to bring on new sponsors and/or refresh the current ones. Consulting and assistance by the owners are provided.
  • Partnership options include: monthly mentions, photos & promos on all social media platforms and website, partner news story, partner product giveaways, product & partner handouts at leagues/tournaments, logo on front window, logo on Grid photo wall, exclusive naming rights and logo for “Conquest Arena” Tournament Stage, and more.


  • The Grid sponsored esports team The Crusaders ⚔️was launched in 2020, along with a Developmental Roster
  • Teams for League of Legends, Smash Bros., Rocket League, and Call of Duty were initially planned, with tryouts at The Grid from 12pm to 8pm on 4 different days
  • Players compete both nationally and on a global scale online
  • This project was put on hold due to Covid, but the owners believe it has great potential



With a review score of 4.9 on Google, a 5.0 on Yelp, and a 5.0 on Facebook, you can see why The Grid has built a name for itself with the community.

Why Are They Selling

The founder’s partner has been in business for many decades in the wholesale supply and freight shipping industry. He was effectively a silent partner who only invested in the project and was not hands-on. Despite the growth of the business since the pandemic ended, he wants to pivot back to what he knows: something familiar and less technological. The existing location will be utilized for one of his companies and all the assets will be sold in one complete package.


To illustrate the depths the owners went to customize a gaming haven, this slideshow captures some of the work that was performed at the location.


How much does this center cost?

This center has been sold.

How much space would I require to deploy this center at my location?

While this center has been sold, it may be helfpul to know that the seller’s original location was about 2,700 square feet. That included a lobby area, a tournament stage, two adjoining party rooms, office/server room, two bathrooms, console lounge, racing sim area and office. Certainly, the amount of space required could be less but it depends on the configuration of the space.  With one bathroom and removing the private party rooms and so on, it’s possible to get by with approximately 2,000 square feet. With the rooms, it could range between 2350-2500 minimum square feet.

How would shipping be handled?

This center has been sold, so no shipping options exist.

Why should I start an esports center?

There are too many reasons to list! But for starters, there are over 214 million Americans who play video games, but not many quality establishments where people can gather together. Esports represents a new and up-and-coming sport that requires an ecosystem to support casual, serious and competitive players, just like regular sports. Gamers need digital performance centers as they often can’t get the performance they need at home. And the social aspects of playing together is one of the core reasons for the explosive growth of esports – but it’s impossible to duplicate what an esports center offers at home.

How much money can I make from an esports center?

This question, while commonly asked, has many answers. It all depends on your network utilization rate, your rate of occupancy, which is directly tied to your business plan and how well it’s executed, along with a host of other factors. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll get into all the details!