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Complete business solution

Gamers Grove

The most complete example of our work. Open since March, 2024, we managed, guided, planned, and executed on nearly every aspect of the project, from floor plans, all technology aspects, business strategy, furniture, and parts procurement, to branding, logo design, web hosting and design, and much more. We worked hand-in-hand with the owner to create something truly special. Visit their location in Cedar Grove, New Jersey to see our full suite of services in action!

Consulting, Complete Tech Build-Out

Isthmian Gaming

We provided an end-to-end integrated solution for the entire IT aspect of this new Madison, Wisconsin center that opened in November, 2023. Featuring 32 PC’s, VR, a dedicated server, 120hz TV’s paired with console for casual gaming, as well as a bar, we executed planning and design, as well as equipment purchases and assistance with deployment and troubleshooting, for their mutiple private rooms and main floor layout.

The PC’s are all custom built with RGB, AIO coolers, and next-gen graphics. The 2.5 gig endpoints, resolving to 2.5 gig managed switch ports, along with a 10 gig backbone from the gateway to all networking equipment, are an industry-first for esports centers worldwide.

Consulting, Server & Network


Open since June, 2023, this haven for gamers and esports enthusiasts in Winston-Salem, NC, offers 38 game stations, powered by our custom CCBoot Windows server and Zyxel networking gear. We also provided consulting and startup help to the owners, Mayfair Hospitality Group, an international investment and holding company.

With our deep discounts on hardware and software, we helped save them thousands of dollars and optimize their budget for fiscal performance, with better ROI than what they would have had otherwise.



Complete Build-Out

Elite Esports LA

The budget-minded owner of this new center asked us to design an affordable, appealing gaming center with a variety of revenue drivers. Included in the solution were custom PC’s, a competitive stage, a 4K projector, streaming/production, wall mounted TV’s, and a bar for refreshments. Watch this video for a complete walk-through of the results!

Operational Software

Esports Arena

We provided this chain of over 20 gaming centers with an end-to-end esports center management client & server software when they were having problems with their previous platform. They loved our solution and never looked back – they are now deploying our recommendation at scale to every new location they open.

Complete Build-Out

The Grid Esports

From a year prior to the launch of the project, to the grand opening and beyond, we were involved with numerous aspects of this Fayetteville, Arkansas center’s development, including floor plans, defining use cases, and furniture solutions. We also identified and recommended specific PC components for each station, server hardware and other network hardware, and provided the best strategies we use to market our own center in San Diego.

Partial Build-Out

Bring It On Esports

Owner Deunta Williams is a former American football defensive back for the University of North Carolina and was considered one of the top safety prospects in his class. He contacted us to guide him through the technology, furniture, software and social aspects of starting an esports center. Watch this ABC-12 TV news story on his grand opening.

Partial Build-Out

Replay Cafe

Starting in 2019, we offered consulting services of various kinds for the partners of this ambitious 5,000 square foot enterprise in Detroit, including suggestions on hardware, furniture, business planning and other aspects, including contacts that may be interested in sponsorship opportunities within their facility. Watch WDIV 4’s TV news story about them.

Technology Consulting & Strategy

Uptime Esports

We were tasked with identify gaming influencers in the Massachusetts area that could be used to promote this center’s esports academy. We helped define criteria for hiring experts on all identified game titles to determine specific regular season academy and league rules and the format for regular seasons and tournaments, considering potentially hundreds of squads when fully ramped up.

Partial Build-Out

The Vault Gaming Center

John Runberg and his brother Stewart contacted us back in 2018 to assist with opening a center in the Texas Panhandle. Specifically, we assisted with guidance on equipment, furniture, and software vendors we believed could be helpful to their efforts. Incredibly, John was only 21 years old when he opened! Watch this Local 4 News TV story on his center.

 Technology Consulting

The Gaming Hub

The Gaming Hub opened in Modesto, California in 2019. We assisted in the technology development of the center, including PC, XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, VR, server and networking equipment, along with introductions to esports center control software vendors and hardware vendors. Watch this story on “Good Day Sacramento”.

 Technology Consulting

Command Post Gaming Center

We were contacted by the owner of Command Post two years before he opened his doors in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we continued to provide advice and counsel throughout the early stages, on a variety of subjects. Watch this WCCB TV news story about their center and the rise of professional gaming.

Technology Consulting

BraveDog Innovation Center

BDIC and LeMoyne-Owen College’s community development corporation teamed up to create an innovation center which will feature a premium video game lounge, state-of-the-art esports arena and academy, merchandise retail store, student video game development training facility, and a financial literacy center. We are providing various services including software and network solutions.

 Technology Consulting

Annex Games

We assisted this friendly local tabletop and board game store in Durant, Oklahoma with their PC LAN center expansion, including recommendations on custom branded gaming desks, PC’s and servers, and operational software.

Technology Consulting

Game Mamba Studio

In early 2019, we assisted this Tempe, Arizona based esports center with critical technology solutions, including gaming desktop computer design and purchasing, along with other equipment needed to launch their business. 

Events & Marketing

On-Site Weekly Event


Our esports center hosts some of the longest running Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments in the world. Watch this video as seen on CBS-8 TV news.

On-Site Event

Jordan ‘n0thing’ gilbert influencer partnership

Over many years, we collaborated with Jordan Gilbert, one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world and a famous professional gamer. Events included meet-and-greets and appearances at our tournaments.

Online / Virtual Event

‘Valorant Sync’ Tournaments

As one of the first event organizers for Riot Games’ Valorant, we have run and organized weekly online open tournaments featuring cash prize pools for gamers from around North America in Valorant Sync, featuring double elimination with two chances to win. Watch this local news story featuring Twitch stream highlights from our competitions. 

On-site Weekly Event


We host the longest running ongoing weekend Smash offline tournaments in our county, ever since the title was released in 2018.

On-site Event


We developed and ran the first-ever esports competition for local FM 94.9 radio at Sycuan Casino’s Live & Up Close theater, featuring the popular fighting game Tekken 7. We delivered an end-to-end solution including: determining game title, creating the rules, player registration process, marketing plan and execution, stage design, and production setup with live streaming and commentary tied to the theater’s a/v. The grand prize included a free trip to GE2 Gaming + Experiential Entertainment in Seattle.

On-site Event


When the San Diego County Fair at Del Mar Fairgrounds contacted us about putting on a fun, kid-friendly gaming event at their fair, we knew we had to go simple. We arranged a 4 player Mario Kart experience which culminated in fun tournaments at the end of each week. We provided a full solution, including a large projector display, comfy reclining chairs, and Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch. An announcer called out the action. It was a huge hit and had some of the biggest demand of any exhibit at the fair.

On-site Event


We designed and ran a rapid-fire survival tournament tournament at Fleet Week San Diego, built with a Navy theme. We created custom guidelines for the competition and encouraged participants to cooperate and rewarded them with in-game bonuses. Hardware sponsored by our local Microsoft Store. Watch the video to learn more.

Players would try to collect as many resources they can for 15 minutes. A point scoring system was used to determine the winners.  The players had goals to reach to score points, for example: The Five Main Tools, Upgrading those tools, Crafting table, Furnace, Storage Chest, Built house, Mine shift, Minecraft advancements, etc. The top scoring players from each 15 minute round could go on to the next bracket if they chose to do so.  After ten rounds, the top players would play again vs each other. There was no player vs. player fighting but communication collaboration, and cooperation were allowed and encouraged (for example: trading of resources, helping other players, etc.) Extra points were awarded to the players for any of these actions.

On-site Event


We were one of the first gaming centers in the USA to offer regular Fortnite competitions. Watch this video where we interview Fortnite streamers and competitive gamers who came to a packed event at our facility, leading up to the TwitchCon 2019 Rivals tournament in San Diego.

Online / Virtual Event

Esports Tournaments for Parks & Recreation

We produced sold-out events that engaged the community and generated recurring revenue for Parks & Rec organizations around the country, including massive 100-player Fortnite tournaments complete with rules, registration, brackets, player procedures, referees, as well as an interactive live stream broadcast with play-by-play commentary, and more.

On-site Weekly Event


We hosted the popular weekly tournaments featuring popular titles from the fighting game community, including Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ,  Soulcalibur, Guilty Gear, Marvel vs. Capcom, & more.

On-site Monthly Event


We host a monthly Rocket League series in partnership with the locally-based game manufacturer Psyonix. Our tournaments are standard 3s, but we also create teams if entrants aren’t on one. Prizes are awarded afterwards.

On-site Weekly Event


We’re the only group of gamers in San Diego offering weekly city-wide meetups & mini-tournaments for the FPS community. Gamers have a blast playing LAN together with us on our 128 tick, zero lag server. We offer 3v3 or 5v5 competitions. Players can join with a team or come in alone and we help find them find a team. Occasionally, famous CS:GO pro Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert has been known to spontaneously appear at our center and join in with whoever is playing.

On-site Weekly Event


We host weekly Overwatch meetups for gamers to play pick-up-games, meet their fellow Overwatch heroes, and join a team. They can then participate in our competitive leagues to earn their place on the leaderboard and win tournaments. There’s no better way to improve at Overwatch than in a team environment with designated practice times, scrim partners and regular competitions. Sitting next to your teammates, you can develop signature plays, come up with unique strategies for every map, and develop the team synergy that separates the amateurs from the pros.

On-site Event


We were one of the first venues in the country to introduce League of Legends tournaments back in 2013. Since the 5v5 cooperative-competitive format reinforces friendships by requiring everyone to work together, it fit well within our company ethos to promote these events. We are the only group of gamers hosting a weekly place to gather while highlighting skilled and innovated players in the community. Gamers can practice during the week, then bring in their team and compete or join up with others.