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The Perfect Server-Based Management Software

Unless you’re prepared to waste countless hours constantly updating games on each PC in your network, then CCBoot is a must. Utilized by thousands of centers globally since 2007, this diskless solution uses an on-premise server with a shared games drive and images of each PC to keep your LAN in perfect order (note: we also build awesome CCBootCloud servers! Contact us for a customized quote.)

With CCBoot, you only need to install and configure the software on the server, along with a single boot image for each PC. Once this is done, all the client computers will be able to boot from that image. This allows you to easily update or change the games and other software and applications that are available on the client computers, as you only need to make the changes on the server. If a new game update comes out, simply update it on the server, and when the PC’s are rebooted (or booted for the first time, for example, when you first open for the day), they will all have the update.

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CCBootCloud Introduction

CCBootCloud is a gaming server and PXE boot software that manages and maintains your network of computers, purpose built for the shared computer environment of multiple PC’s that gaming centers use as part of their core service offering. The software sits on top of a Windows operating system: we recommend Windows Server 2019 or later, as it’s made for servers, but even Windows 10 or 11 can be used (not as ideal, one of the reasons being the frequent reboots for updates).

CCBoot streamlines the process of setting up and maintaining a network of computers, and helps massively reduce the time and resources needed to install and update games and other software on each individual computer.

An administrator, via a web interface, can control which games are installed on the computers, the accounts that are used for licensed games, as well as monitor and manage the PC’s (shutdown, reboot, move a customer from one PC to another, etc). There are also a few basic tools for network monitoring to ensure smooth and stable game play.

One of the main benefits of using a CCBoot server in an esports center is that it allows multiple players to access and play games on different computers simultaneously without the need for local storage. This saves time and resources, as players can simply log in to the desktop, which has already booted to the server, and start playing – no need for staff members to install / update / troubleshoot the game on each individual computer. The server stores and manages all of the game data, which eliminates the need for local, individualized PC storage space.

Gamers want to be able to walk in to a center, sit down, log in, and start playing, without hassles or technical issues. By centralizing game data and software patches, drivers and other updates to one location, you can help ensure that games run smoothly for all players. This can be especially important in competitive gaming, where the latest patches and updates are critical to performance and access to the latest game content within the current development cycle.

CCBoot allows you to boot multiple computers from a single image, rather than having to install and configure the operating system and software on each individual computer. This means that instead of installing the operating system and software on each discreet PC, you boot the client computers directly on to the CCBoot server.

Creating an Image

Here are the basic steps to creating an image of a PC. Note that this just has to be done once when you first deploy the server, and assuming your PC hardware is all the same, this one image will support every gaming station:

  • Install fresh windows on a local ssd (use one of your client PCs)
  • Perform a Windows update
  • Install AIOruntimes
  • Install critical programs that must be installed on a C drive and will not install to other drive letters, such as: Chrome, Firefox, Faceit, Discord, Ghub, Razer Synapse
  • Update and optimize NIC driver
  • Disable windows update using (stopupdates10) app (CCBoot will remove all updates after rebooting a PC anyway since each PC reverts to the previously saved state. If you keep windows update enabled, it will keep downloading the update every time after every restart and fill the server’s writeback disk for no reason)
  • Disable UAC
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Install CCboot client
  • Install client
  • Upload the image
  • Unplug the ssd from that PC
  • Boot PC to server using the same image you just created.

Installing Games

Installing games on the server is fairly straightforward. Example of how to install Apex Legends:

1. Remotely connect to, or locally log in to, your server.

2. Install the Steam Launcher on the server and log in to steam website

3. Download installer to D:\installers folder

4. Launch installer and install to default path. Always use games disk, for example D: (not C:), for example: the game will be in d:\Steam\steamapps\common\apex (note: games like apex origin will be in program files).  Note: iCafeCloud will apply game fixes to allow server updates and know where the game path is automatically.

5. Add game to iCafeCloud by enabling it in the games menu

6. If you want to add a house account to use with the game, create a license pool.

Note: any game that isn’t natively supported, you can add manually. This is true for both online games that require an internet connection and offline games.

We Finally Found the Best Front End PC Interface for Customers

iCafeCloud is a simple yet powerful customer-facing solution to control and manage your center. It features game management and billing, to manage customer accounts and track usage, as well as game updates and licenses. To track all of this manually is incredibly complex – iCafeCloud simplifies everything, utilizing a clean, efficient user interface, installed on each PC. This also means that you don’t need a dedicated PC for management, although we certainly recommend have a staff PC at your check-in desk that the counter help can use.

The administrator interface is web-based and allows management and monitoring from any device, using a standard browser. All the features you’d expect are there, including reports, point of sale features, customizable visual maps of your center’s stations, and more.

The biggest advantages of using iCafeCloud are that it pairs perfectly with CCBootCloud, since both solutions are made by the same manufacturer, as well as the price. It’s sold at an incredibly low cost, beating out the competition on this point alone.

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