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The Perfect Server-Based Management Software

Unless you’re prepared to waste countless hours manually updating games on each PC, then CCBoot is a must. Utilized by countless centers globally since the early 2000’s, this diskless solution uses an on-premise server with a shared games drive and images of each PC to keep your LAN in perfect order (note: we also provide purpose-built CCBootCloudX servers! Contact us for a quote.)

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We Finally Found the Best Customer-Facing Solution

iCafeCloud is a simple yet powerful solution to control and manage your center. It features game management and billing to manage customer accounts and track usage, as well as game updates and licenses. To track all of this manually is incredibly complex – iCafeCloud simplifies everything, utilizing a clean, efficient user interface. The interface is web-based and allows management and monitoring from any device with a browser. This also means that you don’t need a dedicated PC for management, although we certainly recommend have a staff PC at your check-in desk that the counter help can use.

In addition, iCafeCloud has the unique ability to push game updates directly to your center, saving time and hassle.

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